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About Us


Start of G T Solutions

 In 2017, Scott Gant – a security equipment technician and  installer for 30 years – founded G T Solutions with a team of like minded individuals. Their goal is to provide the highest quality service work to his customers at a cost effective price.  With that founding principle, GTS is quickly earning business and a excellent reputation for service work. "Beginning a strong independent service business for bank security equipment, ATM's and Smart Safes in the Southeastern United States is a life long dream come true." 


What we do at G T Solutions

G T Solutions is dedicated to helping our customer with the highest quality cost effective service in the industry. GTS can service/install:

•  ATM’s (Our technicians have experience on major brands: Hyosung-all models, Genmega, TranX, Triton, Diebold, NCR, Wincor, GRG) and up to date training on the new Hyosung dispenser.  

•  Smart Safes (We service all major brands of Smart Safes)

•  Canon Scanners (CR180,CR190) 

•  Table Top Scanners (CTS,Arca)

•  HP Printers  

• TCR’s (We service all major brands of teller cash recyclers)

• Modular vaults, time locks, teller/cash lockers, cash safes  

• Safe deposit boxes, Escheatment Projects

• Night depository equipment

• Drive-up pneumatic systems, audio/video systems

• Deal Drawers

• Coin and currency counters and much more! 

We also offer ATM, Smart safe and TCR installation.


Why we do it

   G T Solutions was formed by front-line technicians who understood that customer service and satisfaction should be our top priority.  With this intense focus on cost effective service, GTS will experience tremendous growth, and quickly become a strong force in the Southeast for providing financial security equipment and ATM service. Our reputation of excellent  cost effective service will be at the forefront as GTS moves forward.


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